Eastside Church of Christ

Schedule of Services


10:oo a.m. Outdoor Service Only


* Postponed during COVID* noon-1:30 Lunch and Bible Study

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Our Purpose

Eastside Church of Christ is a non-denominational, New Testament church that follows the Apostle's Doctrine. Our mission is to go into all the world and teach the gospel to all created beings, baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the things our Lord commanded.

No book but the Bible. No creed but the Christ.

No message but the gospel. No name but those divinely given.

No subtractions. No additions.

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Our Journey


We all have a path to take. We all have decisions to make everyday. Here at Eastside, we are a family of believers, striving to grow in our walk with Jesus everyday. We all struggle, we all stumble, and we all fall, but Jesus is always there to pick us up and encourage us along our way.

We love Jesus, and love each other, because HE first loved us.